Five Feathers


For over 25 years Luis Brown's River Plate Wingshooting has selected the best shooting grounds in Uruguay and Argentina, and perfected service and logistics like no one else in the business to ensure that you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

  • The only 5-feather program in Argentina
  • The only Montaraz (giant perdiz) over dogs hunt in Argentina
  • No long car drives on arrival or departure days (max.3½ hrs)
  • No domestic commercial flights


Located in the provinces of Buenos Aires and La Pampa, this two-estancia combination offers close proximity to an abundant population of duck, pigeon, both spotted and larger elegant crested tinamou (giant perdiz), and dove.
This is truly a mixed-bag wingshooting program offering great gunning for all of Argentina’s sportiest species. La Escondida is a comfortable estancia centered in one of the best waterfowl areas in the Buenos Aires Province. Los Pampas, formerly a famed big game estancia located right on the best pigeon and giant perdiz habitat in Argentina, is currently being remodeled for River Plate’s shooting guests. Both estancias have 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

Duck shooting is similar to the standards established at other River Plate estancias and may include shooting over small or large ponds and irrigation canals, which provide for incredible decoying. All duck blinds are within 30 minutes from the estancia and 10 yds from the pick up truck. A number of duck blinds are conveniently situated for a half day shoot on the way to the upland area in La Pampa Province.

Giant Perdiz (or Montaraz) either driven or over dogs is bountiful and can only be shot legally in the Pampa’s brushlands.

Pigeons abound in the brushy habitat favored by the Giant Perdiz. Expect hundreds of pigeons coming in to decoy from all directions. This is truly a great shooting experience that rivals or surpasses the pigeon shooting in England and Paraguay.

Doves are shot at one of South America’s largest roost next to estancia Los Pampas and rivals Cordoba, with the added bonus that there is no significant driving time.

Perdiz A River Plate classic. The spotted tinamou (or common perdiz) gets up with an explosive take-off and flies swiftly and in a straight line making it a very challenging target; one that upland gunners love to hunt over pointing dogs.