Santa Elena

LocationCardona, Uruguay

SeasonMay - August

SpeciesDucks, Perdiz and Dove

RatesDuck, Perdiz & Dove from $1,290 to $1,680 per hunter, per night.

HostPancho Cardozo

Duration4 full days of shooting; 4 nights; 5 days



Estancia “Santa Elena” is our latest addition to our premium lodges, it is a traditional luxury state house built in the 1920´s that is being thoroughly refurbished, actually with 6 suites with private bathroom each and all kind of amenities, including stables, swimming pool, very well stocked bar, and even a chapel.

It is strategically located at 2 hr. from the International Airport of Montevideo with direct daily overnight flights from the US and Europe. Santa Elena is situated West of Montevideo near the Uruguay river (limit with Argentina) in the mist of the best agricultural lands, with wheat, sorgum, maize, soy plantations, ideal for perdiz hunting over dogs. This location bears Uruguay´s biggest concentration of dove roosts, and towards the North the Rio Negro wetlands with large duck concentrations. It’s the end of the migratory path of the renowned rosy-billed pochard.

Lodge is only 1 hr. away from Colonia del Sacramento and Carmelo which combines wineries, sophisticated restaurants, casinos, and shopping in a historical colonial setting.

All meals are prepared by one of our well-seasoned chefs and field asados are also offered upon request.

Eared Dove, considered a plague in Uruguay, provides the ultimate high-volume dove hunting experience. Dove presentations are limitless each day and hunters can expect to shoot well over 20 boxes late in the afternoon.

The wild native spotted tinamou, “perdiz”, resemble a small partridge. When flushed, “perdiz” fly fast and skim away on rushing wingbeats that delight upland gunners who love hunting over pointing dogs. Whether in South America or worldwide, this class of wild bird hunting over pointers is a rarity. Not at all unusual are 25 points in an hour. the terrain is easy: short grass pastures of fallow land – no brush, thorns or cactus.

During the cool mornings “perdiz” are the favored quarry. In Santa Elena, “perdiz” and bird dogs invest upland hunters with fresh dimensions of sport and companionship, while at table, many rank the “perdiz” the finest of all white-meat game birds.

In this region, ducks are resident and migratory, flocks’ dwell over shallow freshwater lagoons and riverine marshes. With daily morning feeding. RPW´s guides get you to the blinds, set out decoys, retrieve the bag assisted by Labradors, and can call the ducks. Blinds have movable, revolving seats.

Sample itinerary

Day 1: Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by one of our English speaking guides at Montevideo’s International Airport. From there, you’ll have 2 hours drive to the estancia, followed by an afternoon of high-volume doves. Following the hunt, enjoy cocktails and a gourmet dinner at Santa Elena Lodge.

Day 2, 3 & 4: Morning of any of the following: duck or perdiz .Afternoon of high-volume dove. Hunting grounds are 10-45 minutes drive from the estancia.

Day 5: Same options as the previous mornings. Following the hunt, you’ll enjoy lunch at the estancia, then transfer to Montevideo’s International Airport for your overnight flight back home

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