Pre-Trip Information

Travel/Gun Permits and entry requirements

A passport is required to enter Argentina or Uruguay. Visas are not required. The process of taking your shotguns to Argentina or Uruguay is simple. Both Argentina and Uruguay have an easy gun permit and license process – just fill in and fax a questionnaire. Your agent will assist you with everything you need.

Upon arrival into Argentina or Uruguay, you will pay a fee for each gun that you intend to enter into the country. A representative will be there to assist with entering the guns and completing any paperwork that is required.


In autumn and winter, lows will be 50º to 70º. During spring and summer, highs run 70º to 90º.


For the shooting we recommend to use dark, green/brown or camo clothes with a corresponding hat. Ankle-height shoes or boots are perfectly adequate. Always take a raincoat to the field. Evening wear will be very informal-whatever is most comfortable, including hunting clothes if you wish.

Shotgun Rental

For your convenience various 12 and 20 gauge shotguns are available for rent at the estancias. If you rent you avoid the cost of the gun permit and the hassle of gun clearance at the airport. Please contact your agent for additional information.

Other items to include

  • Shooting safety glasses-yellow for dark days, dark for sunny piedra room
  • Thin, soft leather shooting gloves or adhesive tape to protect hands and fingers while loading and firing
  • Shell bag or vest
  • Ear plugs for protection while shooting
  • Shoulder pad recoil reduction device (optional)
  • Camera with extra battery!
  • Small container of bug repellent
  • Light raincoat

  • Small backpack or field bag
  • Copy of passport-packed separately
  • Multi-tool or pocketknife
  • Reading glasses and reading material
  • Toiletry items
  • Prescription drugs
  • Zip-lock bag or case to protect camera
  • Lip balm
  • Travel alarm clock and small flashlight

Airlines Scheduling

Most airlines that you may take to Buenos Aires or Montevideo fly from Houston, Dallas, New York, Miami, Atlanta or Los Angeles. All of the flights depart the U.S. in the evening and arrive to Buenos Aires or Montevideo early in the morning the next day.

Agents usually arrange your air travel if you wish them to.


Money/Currency: The official currency of Argentina is the Argentine peso. You will need cash in dollars or pesos for the gun permits and also for the airport departure tax.
Prices are generally quoted in pesos, unless otherwise noted.

Guests are advised to only exchange small amounts at a time.
Currently in Argentina there are two different exchange rates: the official rate and the street rate “blue”.
IT’S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BRING CASH in order to cover tips, permits, departure taxes and other personal expenses.

Exchange rates


Electric Current

220 volts; a standard converter and European adapter for two-pronged plugs should work fine.


Spanish is the national language in both Argentina and Uruguay.

Last moment hints

  • Get to the airport early on your day of departure.
  • Carry some bills in small denominations for tips, airport meters, snacks, etc.
  • Check your passport is in the right conditions (expiration date) together with other valuables such as airline tickets, medications, camera equipment, etc. and carry those in a separate carry-on such as backpack or small valise.
  • Plan for rain. Always take a hunting color raincoat.
  • Pack sensibly. Take only as much clothing as you will need.