Species: Doves


Duck & Dove

Located in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Cordoba, this two-estancia combination offers close proximity to an abundant population of duck, and dove.

La Bellaca Lodge

Estancia “La Bellaca” is considered the most luxurious dove destination in South America and the easiest to reach .


Considered a plague in Uruguay and Argentina, doves provide the ultimate high-volume bird shooting experience. It is no exaggeration to say that you can shoot doves in our areas until you are exhausted. Many experienced dove shooters claim that the dove shooting here surpasses in volume and intensity the dove shooting in Cordoba, which has long been considered the world´s foremost dove-shooting destination.

Five Feathers

For over 25 years Luis Brown’s River Plate Wingshooting has selected the best shooting grounds in Uruguay and Argentina, and perfected service and logistics like no one else in the business to ensure that you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Three Feathers

Our three feather program offers the possibility to hunt for the perfect mix of feathers granting a serious challenge to our savvy guest hunters.


Luis VI La Pampa, Argentina

Estancia Los Pampas is truly a one-stop mixed-bag wingshooting destination, offering great gunning for five of Argentina’s sportiest species. The quality and dedication of La Pampa’s team make it your best mixed-bag shooting option. This estancia offers 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

El Rincón Entre Ríos, Argentina

At one time, Estancia El Rincon, which extended to over three million acres, was one of the largest in the country. River Plate refurbished and upgraded the original home, which was built in 1890, to restore it to the glory of its early days.

Santa Rosa Entre Ríos, Argentina

Description In River Plate’s quarter-century of experience, El Rincon and Santa Rosa were selected as the logistically best for superb mixed-bag shooting. They provide access to an enormous duck population in a variety of marsh, pond and river habitats, an ever-increasing dove population, and large concentrations of perdiz, well-pointed by excellent bird dogs. All of […]

Santa Elena Cardona, Uruguay

Estancia “Santa Elena” is our latest addition to our premium lodges, it is a traditional luxury state house built in the 1920´s that is being thoroughly refurbished, actually with 6 suites with private bathroom each and all kind of amenities, including stables, swimming pool, very well stocked bar, and even a chapel, etc.