Best of 3 Duck Destinations

For over 25 years Luis Brown’s River Plate Wingshooting has selected the best shooting grounds in Uruguay and Argentina, and perfected service and logistics like no one else in the business to ensure that you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

  • No long car drives on arrival or departure days (max.3½ hrs)
  • No domestic commercial flights

Estancias La Calera & Los Barcinos

This is true high-volume duck program for serious waterfowlers. River Plate has selected three separate waterfowl habitats in Argentina, at 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours drive in opposite directions from Buenos Aires International Airport.

Three separate areas, each featuring a comfortable estancia, ensure that any given season, water levels will be ideal four our guest’s hunt, regardless of the ever-changing rainfall.

Approximately 20 days prior to opening day, we select the optimal location for our duck hunts, inform you of your destination, and immediately begin our feeding program at every one of our duck blinds within a 30 minute drive from the estancia.

Los Barcinos is Just 80 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, the fertile lands of this vast river basin with its many potholes, river channels, and canals are the winter home to millions of ducks and is some of the most fertile land in Argentina producing corn, soybeans and other cereal crops. Duck varieties include speckled teal, silver teal, cinnamon teal, ring teal, Brazilian teal, brown pintail, white cheek pintail, and rosy-billed pochard. Hunters can expect eight boxes of shells per day on ducks. Virtually all shooting areas are within 30 minutes of the estancia.

Program:Ducks only Season:May-August


Day 1: Arrival day. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by one of our English speaking guides at Buenos Aires’ International Airport. From there, you’ll have a 2 ½ to 3 ½ hour drive to one of the three selected estancias, followed by an afternoon shoot for high-volume ducks . Following the hunt, enjoy cocktails and a gourmet dinner at the estancia.
Day 2 and 3: Enjoy morning and afternoon high-volume shooting for ducks over daily fed areas. Blinds are 10-40 minutes drive from the estancia. Between hunts, you’ll have lunch and time for a siesta. The evening will feature cocktails, dinner and lodging at the estancia.
Day 4: You’ll enjoy a morning shoot prior to your departure. Following the hunt, you’ll have a delightful lunch at the estancia, then transfer to the Buenos Aires’ International Airport for your overnight flight back home.

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