El Palmar

LocationMontevideo / Uruguay

SeasonMay thru September

SpeciesPigeon, Duck and Dove

HostPatrick Brown



Estancia “El Palmar” is our latest addition to our premium lodges, it is a traditional luxury state house built in the 1940´s that has been recently thoroughly refurbished, with 10 suites with private bathroom each and all kind of amenities, including tennis court, swimming pool, pool table in the very well stocked bar, etc.

It is strategically located at 1 ½ hr. from the International Airport of Montevideo with direct daily overnight flights from the US and Europe. El Palmar is situated North East of the “Sierra de Minas” hills; Uruguay´s biggest concentration of  pigeon roosts, and towards de west of the Rocha wetlands and rice plantations with large duck concentrations. It’s the end of the migratory path of the renowned rosy-billed pochard.

Lodge is only 1 hr away from Punta del Este which is commonly known as the Riviera of South America. It combines great beaches with sophisticated restaurants, casinos, and shopping. It is also near to Garzon, the Uruguayan Tuscany with wineries, olive groves and world class restaurants.

All meals are prepared by one of our well-seasoned chefs and field asados are also offered upon request.

Pigeon shooting takes place in harvested corn fields or sorghum plantations which provides for incredible decoying. Fields and plantations are constantly scouted by experienced guides. Your personal guide will construct your blind from natural brush, place a spread of decoys with a rotating scottish carousell within gunning range and then position themselves a short distance away to assist with gun loading, shells or just serve you a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer. Hunters can expect to shoot 6-8 boxes in a half-day shoot.

Eared Dove, considered a plague in Uruguay, provides the ultimate high-volume dove hunting experience. Dove presentations are limitless each day and hunters can expect to shoot well over 20 boxes late in the afternoon.

In this region, ducks are resident and migratory, in amazing numbers their flocks can blot the dawn over shallow freshwater lagoons, rice fields and riverine marshes. Each species – as diverse as the rosy-billed pochard, speckled and silver teal, brown pintail, fulvous and white faced tree ducks – works decoys in its patent way. With daily morning feeding and expect to shoot 6 boxes per session. RPW´s guides get you to the blinds, set out decoys, retrieve the bag assisted by Labradors, and can call the ducks. Blinds have movable, revolving seats.

Sample itinerary for pigeon, perdiz and dove

Day 1: Upon arrival to Montevideo, Uruguay you will be met by our staff and transported 1 1/2 hrs. to Estancia El Palmar. Unpack and then enjoy an afternoon. Following the hunt, cocktails and a gourmet dinner will be offered.
Day 2 & 3: Full day of hunting combinig one or two game bird species. Hunting grounds are 10-40 minutes drive from the estancia. Between hunts, you’ll have lunch and time for a siesta. The evening will feature cocktails, gourmet dinner and lodging at El Palmar.
Day 4: Enjoy a morning hunt, time allowing a tour of Montevideo or Punta del Este,  then depart at night  on a  direct flight to Miami.

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